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Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions relating to diet and iodine



What is the recommended daily amount of iodine?  Can you give me an idea of a meal plan so I can get this amount?


Can you please tell me what foods contain iodine?


I have heard that organic milk does not contain iodine – is that true?


I’ve just read that iodine can be bad for your thyroid. i like to eat a small pack of sushi every day for my lunch. Should I stop?


I eat a lot of broccoli/kale/seafood does this interfere with my iodine absorption and affect my thyroid?


What is the best way to get iodine into my children, as they will not eat vegetables or fish?


I do not have a thyroid disorder but I do take an iodine support formula, can you tell me if this will give me more energy?


I have read on the internet that taking kelp supplements is good for your thyroid/can help you lose weight. Is this true?



Questions relating to thyroid disease



I have Graves’ disease, should I stop eating all foods that contain iodine?


I have been told by my doctor that I have a borderline thyroid disorder. Will kelp/iodine supplements help me?


I’ve just been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, should I be taking iodised salt/iodine supplements?


I’ve had hypothyroidism for 5 years and want to take some multivitamins. Can I take one that includes iodine?


Is there any benefit in taking kelp (iodine) supplements when you have a thyroid disorder?


Can Lugol’s iodine solution/formula be used to treat thyroid disorders?


I have thyroid cancer and need to follow a low iodine diet in preparation for radioactive iodine treatment.  Can you tell me why?  And can you tell me what foods to avoid, and for how long?


I have Graves’ disease and will soon have radioactive iodine treatment.  Do I need to follow a low iodine diet?

Questions relating to pregnancy



I know that taking iodine is beneficial when planning a baby and during pregnancy, but is it possible to take too much?