Our Mission Statement

The Eradication of Iodine Deficiency in the UK.

To ensure optimal iodine nutrition in all sectors of the UK population in order to avoid the adverse effects of iodine deficiency.

As a group of experts in iodine nutrition, thyroid disease and public health, to promote awareness of the importance of iodine in the diet and to make evidence-based recommendations to eradicate iodine deficiency in the UK.

  • To identify relevant gaps in the current iodine literature and influence the research agenda in the UK.
  • To eliminate iodine deficiency in women who are planning pregnancy or who are pregnant, and women who are breast-feeding, in order to safeguard their children’s development, and brain development in particular.
  • To respond to the results of the newly introduced measurement of iodine status of children and adults in the UK National Diet and Nutrition Survey.
  • To ensure the surveillance of iodine status of the most vulnerable groups, namely pregnant and lactating women, that are not covered by the National Diet and Nutrition Survey.
  • To provide appropriate advice on dietary and supplemental sources of iodine on Government web sites and through other appropriate means, particularly those aimed at pregnant and lactating women.